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Have a few questions regarding radius authentication

So I followed sk105575 and was successfully able to implement radius authentication with my gateways on my lab environment, now how do I test it out? How do I know that it actually works?how do I know that when I log into the firewall it is actually using the windows server 2016(the the one I configured radius on) for authentication?


Thanks and regards.

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Before diving into debugs do you see anything in /var/log/messages ?

Presumably your using a password only defined in Radius (not elsewhere) and or have access to the radius server logs as a means of independent validation.



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So I do believe that the integration is working as I see packets being exchanged between the gateways and the windows server when I look at Wireshark but I only tried using the local user accounts on the gateways which of course is denied by the server, now I want to know how do I test the authentication for the domain admin group that I added to (as per the sk) , I do have users that I added as domain admins on the windows server, now how do I test them out?
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