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Firewall replacement Cisco to Checkpoint - Functional testing

Hi all,

We are migrating from Cisco firewall to Checkpoint firewall . Could you please suggest the functional testing scenarios that need to be executed before the implementation goes Live ? 

Network testing , Technical testing , failover testing , HA testing is all taken care. Need inputs on functional coverage.

Thank you

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Functional tests after migration are not related to the vendors you are migrating from and to. They depend on your business needs and applications.

For the clustering tests, check simulated network failures and failovers, there are already in your list.

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You could definitely test everything before putting it in production. I know it might be hard to exactly simulate how it would look like when its live, but, if you use smart move conversion tool, it would move over all the rules and objects from your Cisco to Check Point and thats a good starting point.

Just my own suggestion, you could always inquire about CP Professional services, yes, its extra money, but they would do all that for you.


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If you can, describe the environment, at least in broad strokes, so that we'll see what kind of functionality is relevant in the context of your infrastructure. List the blades you are enabling, degree of network segmentation, reliance on application filtering for North-South and/or East-West, SSL inspection, threat emulation, S2S VPN, Remote Access VPN, bulk data transfers and real-time data access requirements (i.e. trading).

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You need a set of functional test list of your applications (VoIP, Web servers, CRMs, ERPs, web surfing, etc, etc) and run the test before the migration and after the migration

For HA testing you can disconnect to simulate link fails on WAN connections

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