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Firewall Logs Locally Stored needs to be reused/pushed to Mgmt server

Dear All,

Hope many of us had faced this scenario and might have played with Workaround.

But I want to know if any proper method implemented or not.


1) Seperate Mgmt server (R80.x or R77.x) storing all Firewall logs.

2) Due to some disconnection between Mgmt server & Firewall, Firewall stores logs locally

3) For few days the connection between them were not restored and due to this the Firewall had already stored few logs files within itself.

4) Now once connection comes back between Mgmt & FW - those old stored logs in Firewall will not be moved to Mgmt server.

5) Only latest traffic logs from Firewall get back to Mgmt server.


How can we get those logs back into Mgmt server.

I tried renaming those rotated logs stored in FW with "fw.log" as Firewall will point to this setup only - but no luck.

Is there any method been found to get this scenario.

(I know that some pointer needs to be referred in Firewall in this scenaio but unable to find the internally )


Regards, Prabu

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On the management server type fw fetchlogs <gw-name>
Regards, Maarten


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