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Extended End-of-Support for R80.20SP & R80.30SP

As we are always striving to provide the best service to our customers, we decided to extend the R80.20SP and R80.30SP End-Of-Support to Feb 2023 (10 months from now). We believe this allows our customers the better plan their upgrade schedule and migration to a later version.


Please note that Maintrain releases R80.20 & R80.30 are NOT extended and their End-Of-Support remains September 2022.

R80.20SP and R80.30SP will continue to have the JHF aligned with the Maintrain R80.20/R80.30


For more information on releases life cycle management please visit


We strongly recommend you to upgrade all existing platforms with R80.20/30SP to the latest default recommended release R81.10, which would provide you with additional value


-              Autonomous threat prevention

-              Security policies are installed in seconds

-              +50% in log server performance & Dynamic log server distribution

-              Native support for TLS1.3 for HTTPs inspection

-              Maestro Hyperscale mix-and-match to leverage different Quantum, gateways at the same security group

-              Significant time reduction in completing day to day tasks on the management

-              Dynamic balancing to achieve optimized performance

-              Additional APIs support


Please contact me in any related question or query



Yaron Weiler

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