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Endpoint Management server & Clients going offline

Hi Team,

Recently we have faced issue with Endpoint management server. It is going in offline, where it stops serving request to endpoint clients. The endpoint clients report working offline. Rebooting the Endpoint management server fix the problem but only for some time. After that again same issue. We have below steps to resolve the issue so sharing those steps to all.


Check the logs of below files.

 Endpoint mgmt. server


Endpoint Client

Program Files\CheckPoint\Endpoint Security\Endpoint Common\Logs\

Found below error in cpda.log file

20171012 11:22:19.283---ERROR--- Failed curl_perform, error: 7 (== Couldn't connect to server) (CHTTPCall_curl::sendReq_internal)

20171012 11:22:19.283  16b4 ---ERROR--- Failed curl_perform, error: 28 (== Timeout was reached) (CHTTPCall_curl::sendReq_internal)

20171012 11:22:19.283  16b4 ---ERROR--- CURL error description: Operation timed out after 20015 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

Found below error in server_messages.log file

[StdOutErrLog] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

If Java runs out of memory on the Endpoint Security Management Server, it will start to time out when handling communication from clients and eventually the connections will be rejected and we get Java outofmemory error. (Reference - sk105438)


By default, Java on the Endpoint Security Management Server has only 1 GB of memory available for its use. If the Endpoint Security Management Server machine has 4 GB of RAM or more, you can increase the amount of memory available to Java.


With below Guide, Successfully increased JAVA heap space and now Endpoint management server is very much stable. - check the troubleshooting part

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