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Does Recommended to use R80.x even it already not support from checkpoint?

Hi All,


i have question about life support cycle from checkpoint for support software version, so yesterday i see at


there is statement for 80.20 and 80.30 will support until Sept 2022, does recomended, if i still use those version, even checkpoint doesn't support anymore? Or i should upgrade to 80.40 or 81.x for get support from checkpoint.

Sorry, i don't know to post this question, so i choose post this question at general topics.


Thanks Regards

Dio Aditya Pradana

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The dates on the Support Life Cycle Policy page reflect our general support policy on our Appliances and product versions.
R81.10 is the current widely recommended release for all deployments.
Earlier versions are still supported by the Check Point TAC and will receive bug fixes (via JHF) until the date shown on the Support Lifecycle Policy page for the specific version.
After the listed date, TAC will generally only provide "best effort" support and will not generally provide new bug fixes.

In general, it's recommended to always be on the widely recommended release and the latest GA JHF.
If you're conservative, being on the release prior to the currently widely recommended release (in this case R81) with the latest GA JHF is a safe choice.
I can't think of a specific reason to recommend remaining on R80.40 or an earlier release.