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Connection between two different vpn sts

well i hope to be clear with my problem since english is not my native language.
i have two vpns, one against oracle and another with a client.  
Actually oracle needs to access to a resource what is living in the vpn checkpoint-client.
Since oracle will never reach the client because the dst ip its trying to reach lives in the other vpn is i was thinking someway i could nat the traffic from oracle to my client.
For example oracle needs to reach ip (this one live in the client side) so what im doing is this:

Dst IP: (ip from the dmz who is part from the vpn communities between oracle-checkpoint)

NAT SOURCE: -> this IP is part from the vpn communities between checkpoint-client
NAT DST IP: -> this is the real resource we need to reach.

But even after this nat we cant reach the dst ip, so... anyone has ever done something similar im looking for some tips and tricks.
Im going share a image where you can see the topology i think with that this could be a little more clear.

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Let’s start with version/JHF level as well as what you see in the logs when you attempt the connection.
This can work, but you need to make sure the encryption domains and NAT are set appropriately.

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