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Column "source user name" does not show anything in Logview

Hello experts,


I am running R81 with blade Identity Awareness.

I enabled this blade , and connect successfully to LDAP server. Then I create access-role (get user from LDAP), and put it in the policy rule like this:



But when I log in  into PC with above account (hai2), then I access to some-where. In the logview, (colum Source User Name) it does not show anything about my access-role 



Please help me; thank all!

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Two things spring to mind:

1. Can you confirm that the users are actually matching the policy you created
2. Make sure "hide user identities" is not enabled in SmartView

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Hi Ruan,

Yes, I confirm I use exactly user name (which put in rule) to login PC ( 

"hide user identities" => I haven't known where it is, but when I show pdp like this : It said that no information found!

[Expert]# pdp monitor ip ==>(IP of PC I use above)
no information was found for

I dont know why 

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