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Check Point Roadmap Session November 2021

Q&A available below

Are the Product Demo videos shown during the session available separately?

They are posted in the community. See the direct links below:

Do you have SSO for SmartConsole on road map?

Planned for R81.20 (more precisely, SAML authentication)

Do you have any SD-WAN Solution?

SD-WAN is on our roadmap for next year. We also have many partnerships with leading vendors such as VMware, Cisco, Versa, HPE, and more ...

Is there a single SmartConsole app that supports logging in to endpoint portal, smartcenter portal, and physical on premise installations?

Endpoint is moving to be managed by browser in the latest releases and if its cloud management, then its from Infinity Portal (the same portal for Smart-1 Cloud). The on premise connects to this cloud by sharing objects and data with our Onfinity applications in the cloud even though its fully managed locally).

What is the official roadmap for NDR?

We are looking at integrating our NDR platform into a future XDR platform. For customers who use our NDR solution t

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