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"Negotiation with the site failed" when try to connect from MacOS

IEkran Resmi 2022-10-16 20.55.34.pngEkran Resmi 2022-10-16 20.54.38.pngI can connect my university's site through Windows 10 but when i try it from macOS the app gives me this error. How can i solve this? Thanks

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You need to see why the negotiation fails. Any logs from your client and VPN GW? What about the versions in use? What is the MacOS flavor?

You did not provide any actionable info here.

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They might have disabled all ciphers used in TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, but also AES-128 CBC-SHA which is mandatory in the RFC for TLS 1.2, but then shows that these older TLS versions are present if scanned and it's enabled.

I've had the case where the MacOS client wouldn't connect if it was the case where the Windows version works because it has more suites implemented.

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From the Lock icon in the menubar, select Display Overview, then Advanced and Collect.
A finder window will open up with the compressed logs, which you can review to get more details why it is failing.

It's possible for an administrator to restrict certain clients from connecting due to compliance reasons or because it's not one of the allowed clients.
In this case, there's nothing as an end user you can do to affect this.

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