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failed to create TrAPi. or unable to uninstall endpoint security on MacOS

I was getting this error after upgrading endpoint security to 86.20. on MacOS 12.

The uninstall script did not work and kept coming back with uninstall password required but it did not prompt for a password.

Here is what I did to uninstall.

1. power off & boot in safe mode by holding the shift key.

2. cd /Library/Application\ Support/Checkpoint/Endpoint\ Security/

3. sudo ./cpSelfprotect disable

4. sudo ./

5. deleted the check point folders and launcher in  Library

The script seemed to work this time without prompting for a pw but with an error about FDE status unknown.

I was then able to re install EPS and the trapi error is gone.


Hope this helps stuck with uninstalling on mac.

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