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Visual Studio 2017 / IIS Express


We have a problem running IIS Express in Visual Studio 2017,

when Endpoint Security is installed it fails with this popup.

Any ideas on what can cause and if possible fix this?

EPS dotnet

Looked but can not find anything in the logs on what is blocked or stopped, the only thing i can be 100% certain of is that something in EPS is causing this since it works if EPS is uninstalled.

Running E80.71 on test box but same problem with E80.70, running compliance, anti-malware and firewall/app control blades. Added on access scan exception on dotnet.exe but same problem.

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Hello try to get this logs to check if any process has been blocked by any blade of the EPS

Event log
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Check Point\Logviewer\EPS_LogViewer.exe
Logs Modules

You can configure some exclusions for Visutal Studio Process and IIS

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The log viewer shows nothing blocked.

The C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\Logs files shows nothing.

don't know what to look for on the server in $UEPMDIR/logs/ but since the client logs nothing i don't see how the server would have anything.

It is like EPS is interfering without knowing it.

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I have managed to pinpoint the problem and it is the firewall blade.

I have this in the log on all the clients and have not needed to act on it before so did not think of it.

The firewall blocks local ipv6 traffic, with source and destination ::1 under the cleanup rule.

How do you allow this without allowing all incoming traffic? All i can find is the policy action "Allow ipv6 traffic" and it is allowed but under the incoming traffic rule i can not find any ipv6 settings.

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Good question as far as I know you can only allow it or blocked it.

Probably you'll have to configure in your Internet firewall to block it or allow it as an incoming or outgoing rule.

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