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Unable to reconnect to VPN for a while once disconnected

I'm having issues reconnecting to a VPN via SecuRemote - I can initially connect and the connection is stable, but when my PC enters sleep mode and disconnects from the VPN as a result, attempting to connect again will fail and not work again for up to several hours. I can use my same user login successfully on a different device during the period I'm unable to connect on the original device.

The current version running is R80.30 on a VSX firewall using SecuRemote. I'm currently awaiting logs from another user from their VPN client.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a fix for this?

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R80.30 is End of Support and recommend upgrading to a more recent release.
I suspect the issue is on the client...what version and have you tried the most recent?
You can find a link download the latest Remote Access clients from here (E87.10 as of current):

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I agree with @PhoneBoy . I would test newest client version (E87.10, to see if you get the same problem). If you dont, then you know where the issue was...however, if you do, then its on the gateway side and TAC might offer you best effort support in that case, but it will probably end up being very basic.

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