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Unable to access Datacard(Dongle)

Hi Team,

We are unable to access Dongle from the system on which Check Point Endpoint Security client is installed.

It is a complete sandblast implementation,FDE and Media Encryption and Port Protection(MEPP) are enabled.

Allowed read and write access to the USB in MEPP policy.

We have added the specific device as a exception in Essential device list by discovering it from the user logs.

When we plug the device it shows E:\ drive,but when we click on the drive it shows the error "Access Denied".

In MEPP logs,we can see allowed logs for the device.

The dongle contains 'autorun.exe' of the vendor software.It should run automatically when we plug the device into laptop.

There is no any other blade logs related to this device.

Please let me know if any other blade is preventing from running this setup file and if so how we detect it and allow it.


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Probably need to get the TAC involved to see what's happening here.
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