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Sandblast agent, on laptop and different types of servers.

Hi all,

I am working on a rather large Sandblast agent project, we are moving away from an excisting endpoint security to Sandblast. (several thousand nodes). I have two questions, and hope someone has some experiences they would like to share.


1. What - where

For the client bit we are pretty good. But I was wondering about how to deal with all the servers. We do want sandblast installed on all of 'em (only windows of newer versions). What would you put on a (example) AD server, TerminalServer, NPS or a WEB server..and so on. Are there any considerations we need to look into ? Any pointers and tips would be highly appreciated.


2. How - when

Migrating from one of the "other big ones" in endpoint securtiy, there are several things to take into consideration besides installing the sandblast agent. I will of course need to un-install the excisting one, and there might be more ? Again, if anyone has some experience here and pointers/tips ? ? (I do know that CheckPoint has a tool for the migration process, but I have still to use it. And I assume that there is allways something else to handle in addition)


any tips would be appreciated ! 🙂

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Afaik, CP has no tool to move from another Endpoint solutions to CP, you will have to uninstall the old one and then deploy EPS clients from new EPSS. Also, Terminal Servers and Win Server Core are not supported by CP EPS, you find that in the Release Notes !

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