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Routing traffice from a Harmony VPN user

I need help! I already took some time trying to figure out it and cannot understand why this is not working for me. This is my first time setting up the following scenario using Check Point Spark 1575 Appliances: 


I have three appliances and all of them are interconnected using Site-To-Site VPN. Any internal user can access any resource behind the other appliances in the remote location.

When a remote user connects to any of the remote locations, they can only see their local network resources but not the remote ones. I wonder what options I should enable in order to make the remote locations available for my Harmony VPN users. 

I was looking at my rules and there is nothing apparently blocking the traffic from one network to another one. because local users are able to communicate to there are not firewall access policies blocking traffic. 

I am posting this with TAC as well, let's see there do we have more firing power 😄




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How did you configure the Local encryption domain ? By default it is defined automatically according to topology... This is where all networks should be included that the RA client must reach.


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