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Remove computers Harmony

Hello Guys, 


I have these issues when I try to remove a computer using Portal Harmony (SBA), I receive this error.  "Sorry we had an API issue during request - Something went wrong, please refresh your page and try again ". 


I don't have the option to remove anymore, the only option to remove is to click right bottom on the computer and send to remove, but I receive the message.



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I have had (and a couple of my customers have had) similar issues. I would try and restart the cloud tenant, under service management and see if that helps. It worked for me. If it doesn't, I would log an incident as this seems to be a back end issue.

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We have also experienced this a few times. We did raise a ticket for it and got just the API service restarted. But as Dave_R also mentiones here, a restart of the service itselv under 'service management' should probably do the trick to.

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