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Original file downloaded. Error: API key is invalid, please check your subscription

Hi everyone.

I have a Basic Checkpoint Harmony Endpoint license and when my users try to download a file it fails and a notification pops up with a message: Original file downloaded. Error: API key is invalid, please check your subscription

Here is the screenshot: Untitled.png


When checking policies on browsers (this example Chrome because thats what we mostly use) I see this:


Is this causing the issue? I have basic license. It worked fine all this time, and now out of a sudden this is happening and I can't find a solution.


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This error message received when client is trying to do Threat Extraction and the license is not present.

You said you have a basic license and so are not licensed for TE. Need to understand why is trying to invoke Threat Emulation. Have you changed any related policy configuration

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Hi Jonny,

I have been experiencing this error for so long that I usually do not report it, but it's not a license problem; it's something else. I am using Microsoft Edge for Business Version 126.0.2592.87 (Official build) (64-bit), and the Harmony Endpoint client is E888.41 (88.41.1002). This problem is not new; it has been persistent for a long time.

Anyways, I just wanted to comment on this. I am opening a service request with TAC.

Best regards


Oscar Catana

Cyber Sec Passionate!
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I see you are using the E2 client. I assume you have the basic license for Harmony Endpoint?

Again, this could be because you have functionality related to Threat Emulation configured and this is causing the error since the Basic license does not give entitlement to this capability. Note that in order to run E2 malware engine you need to enable the blade called "Threat Emulation" (and in latest cloud based management versions now referred to a "File Protections") but should not enable the option related to File Emulation. In "Threat Prevention" -> Policy Capabilities -> WEB & FILES PROTECTION" can see following setting that should be set to "Off" 

Hard to say conclusively without all details and would be interested to hear back after case solved

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