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Employee Alumnus

New cloud deployments based on R80.30 version - Announcement


We are happy to update that we have introduced new cloud deployments based on Check Point R80.30 server version.

A new smartConsole is available for download to manage your R80.30 based service. Please note – if you have R80.20 smartConsole you will have to install an R80.30 compatible smartConsole that supports this Tenant's version.

For web management users there's no need to update – this change will be transparent to you and to your end-Users.

Part of this version we introduced our managed BitLocker, enabling Cloud users to manage their BitLocker encrypted machines as part of our Full Disk Encryption offering.

Upgrading customers from R80.20 to R80.30 will be available at a later stage.

Customers that are willing to upgrade their service, kindly approach us so we can prioritize it accordingly.

If you encounter any issues please contact us at

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Web Management for SandBlast Agent – New Features

The SandBlast Agent Management Platform provides many advantages for our customers, partners, and to Check Point’s technical teams by enabling state of the art user interface.

Using the web management interface they can manage all of their Threat Prevention capabilities.

Below you’ll find the new features that were added in our latest Web Management rollout:

  1. Deploying a new service will be done through our SandBlast Agent Management Platform, this will eliminate the need to use two applications
  2. Share feedback or request assistance – users may enter a free-text comment that will go directly to relevant stakeholders
  3. We enable our users with the option to get the latest SandBlast Agent version. It can be downloaded through our Overview -> Download Agent -> ‘GET IT NOW’


You are invited to reach out to me directly with any issue, insight or question - here/email/slack.

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Hello @Kobie_Bendalak .   thanks for this information about new cloud management server and cloud management client.

A couple questions:

(1)  the descriptions on the FOUR endpoint management solutions available on Infinity Portal are confusing and redundant.   I recommend an update to labels to better clarify intended use.  screenshot below.

The two pieces to puzzle (server and client).   The items in Infinity Portal are necessarily CLOUD-based versions of both.   This would only be TWO items -- yet four items exist.    #confusionensues

  • Endpoint Security Server.
  • Endpoint Security Management Client.

(2) the checkmates thread below about Sandblast Agent PoC details a PDF document that is maintained -- and distributed -- by CP sales engineers in the field.     Does the latest version of this PoC document include details about (a) cloud-based endpoint management server, and (b) cloud-based management client?




  1. the top two items in Endpoint Protection appears to be identical -- approximately "cloud endpoint mgmt server".    The difference should be more clear.
  2. the bottom two items in Endpoint Protection appear same as well.     How is a cloud-based "Dashboard" different from cloud-based "Management" Client?


Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hello @Garrett_DirSec  and thank you for replying to my post.

I’ll try and addressing all of your questions.

  1. We do have four applications, and I totally understand your confusion – I’ll try and explain it in more detail, and i'll update our labeling and documentation to reflect the subtle differences better.
    1. SandBlast Agent Cloud Management – This was our first application, it enables users to spin up a new service in the cloud. Will be deprecated over time, new tenants should not use it.
    2. SandBlast Agent Management Platform – This is our latest and greatest web management interface. In includes the same functionality you have in your SandBlast Agent Cloud Management, preserving you the option use the SmartEndpoint thick client controlling your service. We offer our customers a new web based thin client; acting as an alternative to the traditional SmartEndpoint to configure all of your Threat Prevention capabilities. Every couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out new & relevant functionality. New tenants should use this application.
    3. SandBlast Web is the lighter version of our SandBlast Agent Management Platform - It does not requires any agent install and is based on our Chrome extension. @Ami_Barayev1 can comment more if necessary.
  2. We are working on a revised version for our POC guide, it would include the new SandBlast Agent Management Platform, and not just the SmartEndpoint @Ezra_Alcaly can help in obtaining the latest version and sharing more information. For the time being use this link.

I hope the differences are clearer now, if not I'd be happy to discuss more.

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Hello @Kobie_Bendalak -- thanks for the reply and clarifications.  very much appreciated.

I did find a Web user interface issue with Infinity Portal that may affect ability for end-user to read service tenant details. 

For Icons in Sandblast column, it's difficult  (if not impossible) to view the ICON description that appears in right-hand column.

I assume these Sandblast descriptions have been updated per your comments above?

thanks again.  -GA



Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Thanks again @Garrett_DirSec , I'll raise a bug for the relevant team to fix it.

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