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Ldap Account Unit server priority


I have an account unit configured on my Checkpoint cluster to manage the authentication of VPN client and Mobile Access.

The Ldap AU have 4 servers with different priority. I have some problem and I would like to be sure how the priority works.

Now the server are set like below:
Dc1 priority 1
Dc2 priority 2

Dc3 priority 3
Dc4 priority 4

That means that the Gateway send all Auth request to the DC1 because it have the highest priority?
If the Dc1 crash and the gateway don't receive answer from the Dc1 send the request to the next in the list?(Dc2)

If we set all Dcs with priority 1 the Gateway manage the Dcs in "load sharing" mode: 1 request per dc?




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You have to use Legacy Authentication as the method for authentication to cause the Gateway to query the User Directory (LDAP) servers defined in the Account Unit one at a time, and according to their priority. (sk110782: Authentication using an LDAP Account Unit with multiple Domain Controllers.)

More details are found here: sk174664: How to change or disable server priority in LDAP Account Unit or User Directory

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