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Improved Onboarding

Improved Onboarding Experience


As part of our efforts to create a better user experience during the onboarding process, we are happy to share our new onboarding approach.

The new approach goals are to reduce to minimum unnecessary noise and false positives, allow the system to detect and record incidents and then ask the user to adjust his configuration by setting proper exclusions. Future reminders will notify the user to harden his policy mode.

As part of those efforts, we are happy to share the following updates:

  1. Default Policy:
    The default policy mode of the ‘entire organization’ main rule will be set to “Detect Only




  1. Getting Started:

A new Getting Started card will be available to easily configure policy mode.

This new flow will enable the user to select his preferred security policy mode to fit his organizational security requirements, emphasizing the fact that this flow will impact his ‘entire organization’ rule.



  1. Recommendations:

The first time the admin enters the policy page, we will point and emphasize the policy mode area, to ensure the Admin knows where to find it.




  1. Notifications:

48 hours after deployment, we will pop up a top bar reminder to ensure he needs to consider hardening his configuration.



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