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How to fix STOP in PsMain?

Hi guys,
sorry, cannot find "search" option over forum.

I had a next problem. I had checkpoint on PC, and was going to move on another PC (upgrade). I've found on forum that it's possible to move hard disk to other PC and it should work. And I tried this... Unfortunately it didn't. Win10 loaded on new PC and after some mins off. Next boot I see red screen with following error "STOP in PsMain" with code 0x500149d.
I've try to put hard drives (there are 2 ones, SSD(main)+HDD) to old PC and it stops work also - same red screen with same error.

Is it possible to restore data somehow? At least on old PC?

Thanks in advance!

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Since you didn't specify the Check Point product in question, I'm going to assume (based on the errors) that it's Full Disk Encryption.

Usually those errors are the result of hardware incompatibility, which may be fixable by upgrading the BIOS in some cases or performing specific steps at boot. has a few articles that provide a few answers. 

Worst case, the drive can be mounted with the Dynamic Mount utility and data can be recovered.

In any case, it's highly recommended you engage with the TAC, who should be able to assist.

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