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Help with deploying Endpoint Protection in VMware View 6.2

Hello,  I am trying to deploy Endpoint Protection in my VMware Horizon View 6.2 VDI environment.  I can get the client successfully installed on the Parent image, but then when the image is cloned the I get an error message on the CheckPoing client "Agent is not running.  Policies will not be updates.  Contact your administrator."  Any ideas?  Is there a script I need to run when the VM is cloned?

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I am trying to re-register the client but the instructions are incomplete.  I do not know which directory is %FWDIR% on the management server to get the file.  Any ideas?

Here are the instructions Support sent me:

How to create the Reconnect executable?

For Endpoint Security Client on Windows OS:


Export any Software package using the Endpoint Management Console / SmartEndpoint.


After exporting a Software package, a file config.dat should be created on your Endpoint Security Management Server in the following path:



Copy the config.dat file from your Endpoint Security Management Server to your Endpoint Management Console / SmartEndpoint computer.


Open Windows Command Prompt:


Start - All Programs - Accessories - right-click on the "Command Prompt" - click on 'Run as administrator'.


Navigate to SmartConsole folder:


cd /d "c:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\<VERSION>\PROGRAM\data\RepWorkFolder\INVOKE\"


Create the Reconnect executable file:


maketool.bat  \path_to\config.dat  [client_uninstall_password]




'client_uninstall_password' is an optional parameter, if not provided here, it should be entered on the client computer See limitation for clients using token-based uninstall authentication below.

The Reconnect.exe executable will be created in the current directory.



C:\> cd /d "c:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\E80.40\PROGRAM\data\RepWorkFolder\INVOKE\"


c:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\E80.40\PROGRAM\data\RepWorkFolder\INVOKE> MakeTool.bat config.dat 12345


Run Reconnect.exe on a client computer.


c:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\E80.40\PROGRAM\data\RepWorkFolder\INVOKE>

Copy the Reconnect.exe file from your Endpoint Management Console / SmartEndpoint computer to the Endpoint Security Client machine on Windows OS.


Double-click the Reconnect.exe - follow the on-screen instructions. This utility will switch the Endpoint Management Server for the running Endpoint Security Client on-the-fly:

stop all relevant daemons

replace the configuration file

reload the daemons

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