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Harmony Endpoint on premises to Infinity

I'm looking for a clarification to migrate an EPS on-premises to Infinity.

The administration guide mentions both must run the same version but there's no mention of hotfixes.

The service status in the portal reports the version is, so I assume R81.20 base.

I plan to upgrade the customer to R81.20 but is it recommended to install the latest recommended JHF for the on-premises EPS, leave it on R81.20 or is it actually irrelevant for the cloud migration process?

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It‘s better to have the latest recommended Jumbo running on premise.

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I know customer who did this and jumbo did not have to be the same. Yes, as @Wolfgang said its better, but NOT a must. If I were you, I would also ensure you have same jumbo, better be safe than sorry later, but Im 100% sure it would work, as long as versions match. Its basically same as say if you had R81.20 mgmt server jumbo 5 and clusster R81.20 umbo 14, all would work as usual (I verified the same in the lab as well).

Hope it helps.


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