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Endpoint vanished from Infinity Portal even though it's still in AD, up and running!

Hello All,

I've recently had a look into Infinity Portal under Asset Management and filtered a specific OU.

After deselecting only "active" clients - I've found that one system which is still running with CPHE installed was missing. And not only as active client - it is completely gone, even if it should be synced as "inactive" object from Active Directory.

I guess this has something to do that this server was recently cloned to a new VM (no sysprep). The new VM is running just fine - just the source VM silently vanished from the Infinity Portal without notice. Is there a way to get a warning when systems disconnecting or vanishing from your management Server aka Infinity Portal?

BR Michi

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Employee Employee

Would suggest investigating this further with TAC, do the machines share an identifier due to the cloning method used?

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