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Endpoint on older devices

Hello everyone,


          I have recently deployed Checkpoint Endpoint to all the devices enrolled through Microsoft Intune on our campus. On the whole it has been great with a few issues here and there. However, I have noticed some of the older lab computers are having their disk percentage eaten up by the various processes running from Endpoint, and it is drastically effecting the usefulness of the devices. Does anyone have any best practice recommendations on making endpoint a little less needy on older devices without compromising the security it provides? Currently my general policy runs Anti Malware, Anti Bot, Forensics, Threat Extraction and Emulation, Firewall/Access Zones, and Application control. I appreciate any insight!

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We have a tool that can be used to collect data in such cases: 
The data should be provided to the TAC, who may be able to provide specific advice on how to address this.


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