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EndPoint Security VPN 85.30 & SmartCard certificate MacOS Monterey Certificate Chain issue

I'm running into a client side certificate chain issue with a private PKI card. The keychain contains all root and intermediate CA's and it looks like the E85.30 client is not able to utilize it for smartcard validation. Did anybody run into this and how did you solve it? The client does work fine with other methods of authentication (radius/local accounts etc).

Debug logs don't show anything more than the displayed certificate chain message.

MacOS Versions tested: 

- Catalina
- Big Sur
- Monterery

The smart card is exposed to MacOS using Gemalto SafeNet authentication clients and works fine in other applications. 

EndPoint Security VPN 85.30 MacOS Monterery.png

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Unless @AndreiR has a suggestion, recommend a TAC case.


I can follow the TAC route. Was hoping somebody else had run into this and was active here as well.

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