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Dynamic Packages and VPNConfig Tool


Check Point recently (E82.50 & R80.40) introduced a new EndPoint feature called Dynamic Packages. Historically when you exported a Endpoint package from the EndPoint console you would create a 700meg MSI regardless of which blades you selected. In some situation this became a major hurdle for uptake of the product. Enter "Dynamic Packages" awesome we all thought, a package with just the VPN blade selected is now 55meg!!!..... but..... you can no longer use the VPNconfig tool to nicely package up a custom trac.default or trac.config configuration which is a major set-back as generally we provide a managed build preconfigured. 

We logged a case with the TAC (SR#6-0001964453) but received the following reply:

                   Please be aware there's no update regarding to some plan to add this Dynamic Package. So no official solution was provided, other than a suggestion to raise an RFE.

We investigated this further and came up with the below work around. 

1. Export the Dynamic package as you usually would. No requirement to specifically apply the trac.config at this stage as you can do it later in the process. 

2. Copy the executable to local location i.e. c:\install

3. Using 7-Zip open the executable and extract the contents to the local directory i.e. c:\install\package

4. Inside the c:\install\package directory you will find an eps.msi. You can now use the VPNconfig Tool to insert trac.default and trac.config. 

5. Now using 7-zip compress the contents of the c:\install\package into a 7z file. In our case we called it EPS_82_50_1602_Laptop_273.7z

6. Copy newly created z7 file to c:\install and also copy the file c:\install\package\sfxConfig.txt to c:\install (This sfxConfig.txt file is in the package you created in the Endpoint manager in step 1.) 

7. Obtain the file 7zSD.sfx from the 7-zip extras package. This can be obtained here  and then via link for "7-Zip Extra: 7z Library, SFXs for installers, Plugin for Fare Manager" 

8. The 7zSD.sfx will be found in the bin directory. Copy this file to c:\install

9. In c:\install you should now have 7zSD.sfx, sfxConfig.txt and EPS_82_50_1602_Laptop_273.7z

9.  Run the below command to create a self extracting executable called install.exe. 

            C:\install> copy /b 7zSD.sfx + sfxConfig.txt + EPS_82_50_1602_Laptop_273.7z install.exe
                   1 file(s) copied.

10. Yay you now have an install.exe that is both a Dynamic package and includes your custom trac.default and trac.config.

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Thanks for sharing that, seems like a reasonable workaround until we account for dynamic packages in the vpnconfig tool.
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