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Computers not starting after MS patches

Hi - new to Forum. Unfortunately we don't have support any more so have to rely on the community. Two questions

1. We have been having a lot of issues with HP devices not restarting after Microsoft Updates. I believe the problem to be the CheckPoint software causing a clash - this article I think describes

If the above is correct it appears vsdatant.sys is causing the issue

I think by mistake the blade deployed to our machines included Firewall and Application Control which I think covers the above

I setup a new deployment with these removed and pushed to a machine. It updated and rebooted but didn't actually remove the above file

2. From the above couple of things. First AD sync doesn't appear to be happening - it was ok. Where can I troubleshoot. Also when I did the test deployment it rebooted with about a minute countdown - can I increase that somewhere because if I rollout to machine 1 minute notice of reboot is way too small


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