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Application Control Feature

Hi CheckMates,

In other vendors, most likely a feature from firewall converted to endpoint such as URL Reputation, URL Filtering, Application Control and etc.

How about with Check Point Harmony Endpoint? Is those capabilities already embedded?

For example (usecase) :

  1. User can't install or running any applications except application that already installed.
  2. Filter access internet user by application control, such as : user can access Facebook but not Facebook Chat.

I know those features need combining with another solution, but some vendor already embedded in one endpoint solution and i want to know about Check Point features. Can i achieve it?



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A level of Application Whitelisting & URL Filtering is provided in Harmony Endpoint itself. Can be optionally augmented with Harmony Connect Internet Access where required. 

Please see - Harmony Endpoint Options and Specifications per:

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Hi @Chris_Atkinson 

Yes, i just looking on Admin Guide. Harmony have more granular control for Apps Whitelisting.

Is embedded on Harmony EP to create granular policy based on Apps? Like you said, i think if customer need more granular APC need to install Harmony Connect also 😄

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