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Anti-Malware updates fail (user canceled)


We've deployed Endpoint Manager as a VM but the customer has a good number (50+) of clients that are seldom if ever in the office. There are several SKs that allow Endpoint servers to allow remote connections over an external IP:

I've implemented this succesfully, clients on the internet get their policies without much trouble, except the Anti-Malware database update, which immediately fails (regardless of the timeout settings) with a result of:

Result - Finished

action_details - User canceled

Do people have experience in debugging this? Licenses are ordered but not available yet so I'm stuck with trial licenses to troubleshoot this.

For the record: internal updates work correctly. All HTTP and HTTPS traffic is allowed through the firewall to the endpoint management server.



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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Willem,

If you followed sk112099 and your are able to get policies, it is probably not a communication issue.

I would recommend to open a support request to Check Point so the relevant information from one of the clients can be collected and analyzed.


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