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configuring sandblast cloud for office365

Hi team

looking at how to implement sandblast cloud for O365 in the administration guide, I find 

"SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 uses the native Microsoft API and requires that you configure MX records to reroute email to an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)."

After the document doesn't describe how to retrieve the FQDN or the IP address that I will use in my MX for rerouting the SMTP flow.

Looking anywhere in the supportcenter, I don't find additional information.

How can retrieve the information for configuring properly the record MX?

In addition I'd like to know if in R80.10 is still present Cloud Connector for O365?


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Employee Employee

Hi Gianluca,

Sandblast Cloud does not need to modify MX or adding any MTA. If I'm not wrong, that statement from the Admin Guide is incorrect, since it's just the opposite. Thanks for heads-up Smiley Happy. I've just reported it.

Sandblast Cloud uses the native Microsoft API and does not need anything more to integrate with Office 365 Mail. The integration is pretty straight forward indeed Smiley Happy

Regarding Cloud Connector (although not related to Sandblast Cloud), it's not present in R80.10. I do not have concrete information about its availability currently.


agreed, i saw the same comment about the MTA and thought it to be inaccurate since the API is the mechanism by which SandBlast 'reads' the emails in Office365 🙂


Hi Gianluca Giordano

Did you see my post.. Maybe you can use that?

Sandblast for Office 365 Log Transport Agent 

By the way you don't have to configure anything on the central management server from GUI.

just access your Sandblast for O365 at and download and configure your LTA..

install LTA on one of your server. I have chosen to install it on my central management server, configured the OPSEC and setup SIC. After 2 month discussing back and forth, we had to install a special fw1 hotfix which would solve ELA issues.. and it would automatically loaded into your log server.

please be aware whent he fw1 hotfix is not installed kernel will crash, and try to restart check point services. when it is installed everything works.

when it works for your, you can search in SmartEvent and filter on ORGIN:<name of your server where the LTA is running>

Please see link above for an example of a Sandblast for O365 log into your Central management server.

Best Regards

Hi Kim

Yes, I saw your post.

Thank you

At the moment I haven't set up the Sandblast cloud, but shortly I will have to do that.

I'm going to update you when done


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