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Where to find portal name for avanan journal settings

Hey Guys, 


Im trying to Setup my Avanan Tenant, and for that i need to be able to configure the Journal Rules, 


Sadly i don't understand where i can find my portal name. This is all i've found about the portal name and it doesn't work....


Note that in some configurations we refer to {portal}, this is an indication of your portal name, for example, if
your portal is, then you will need to replace ‘{portal}’ with ‘customer-x’.


Does anybody know where i can find my portal name? 


Thanks alot! 

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Moving this to the correct board

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For anyone looking into this thread in some future date, I have had success using the subdomain built from Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) as the Avanan portal name. The same subdomain used in the mailbox alias SMTP addresses.

Found in , in menu on left click "show more" then Settings > Domain Names

So my Journal Rule in MS365 became
Route the message using the connector named 'Check Point Outbound'.
and set message header 'X-CLOUD-SEC-AV-Info' with the value '{portal},office365_emails,inline'
and Stop processing more rules

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