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Cloudgaard SaaS mail security

Hello everyone.  2 questions.

hope some of you can answer this.. right now I have 120 clients spread across 6 different customers.. we are right now using Heimdal as endpoint security and Heimdal mail security/filter..

since my customers are in a line of business where IT is still a mystery they heavily rely on me to monitor everything with the motto: better to have less functions and more security than more functions and less security.. 

So when spam or otherwise is arriving in the mail Heimdal sees it and sends me a mail about the quarantine. I am then able to review the mail to see the content and then decide if I want to release the mail or not.. I have not been able to find an explicit answer if that is possible with Checkpoint solutions?? Can anybody shed some light here??



2nd question. When government sends official business mail tin Denmark they will send it to a business assigned “mail” using encryption. We can then decrypt the mail using a a s/mime cert in Outlook.. If we wish, we can actually upload our business cert to the service and to the anti spam provider. That way government can send encrypted mail but they will arrive in the inbox decrypted.. making the work flow easier for a specific mailbox that is monitored by multiple people in HR..

how does checkpoint approach this??




I have attached pictures so you can see an example of what I mean regarding the ability to review quarantined mails..

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I believe Harmony Email and Office 2.0 can handle the first requirement.
You may wish to review the product documentation here: 

I don't think we support decrypting mails with S/MIME, though I know the SMTP connection itself can be encrypted if HEO is deployed as an MTA.
I presume if you have HEO integrated with Office 365, we can leverage whatever Office 365 natively provides.

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