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What's New? Product News | May 2023

Hi CloudGuarders,
I'm happy to share with you this month's product news with some additional capabilities we added to the product.
What's new in CloudGuard AppSec this month?
  1. Enhanced configuration options in trigger object for sending logs to an external syslog/CEF server:
    When configuring a trigger object to send logs to an external syslog/CEF server it is now possible to configure any URL as its address and not just an IP address.
    • It is also possible to determine IP protocol between UDP (the default for syslog) and TCP (the default for CEF).
    • For more information about trigger configuration visit our dedicated documentation page.

  2. CloudGuard AppSec Custom rules and Exceptions:
    ‘Skip’ action can now match regular expressions in the matched indicators to exclude a value from inspection:
    • The exception rule query’s keys contain a new ‘Indicator’ key.
    • Its value is a regular expression that, if found in the matched indicators upon an AppSec event, will match the rule. This allows excluding specific indicators that an administrator deems as false positives.
    • For more information about configuring Custom rules and Exceptions visit our dedicated documentation page.

  3. Various Bug Fixes.
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