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Infinity Next CloudGuard AppSec - Deep Dive Webinar

The Infinity Next CloudGuard AppSec solution secures an organization's web applications.

No more endless manual rule tuning!!!

AppSec analyzes web transactions with a set of Artificial Intelligence engines that operate in unison to protect against sophisticated attacks.

AppSec utilizing the concept of Application Self Protection and powered by a patent-pending contextual AI engine.

Check the attached txt file , it includes commands that I used during the deployment.

Q&A is here:

# Question Answer(s)
1 Hello, what specific data is sent to cloud part from the agent and how do we handle that customer data in terms of data protection (i.e. are some data stored, if yes, how are they protected from un-authorised access?)
Data sent to cloud
• Security event logs – This is controlled by the administrator through the ‘trigger’ object configuration. All these logs are observable by the admin.
• Telemetry information – This includes process health metrics such as resource usage like CPU and memory, as well as statistical information.
• AppSec security learning data – AppSec allows machine learning-bas
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