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CloudGuard AppSec | Product News - February 2023

Hi CloudGuarders!

There's a lot going on here at CloudGuard AppSec R&D department, and I can't wait to reveal everything!
But until then, here are a few new exciting features:

What's new in CloudGuard AppSec this month?

  1. New Rate Limit capability is now in Early Availability:
    • CloudGuard Appsec Gateways now have the ability to limit the number of requests to a matched URI within a configured time scope.
    • An agent of version v1.2306.498563 and above is needed to enforce the new Rate Limit configuration.
    • For more information on the required actions to configure this feature, visit the dedicated documentation page.

  2. GraphQL support:
    • AppSec now protects web servers using GraphQL.
    • An agent of version v1.2302.472956 and above is needed to protect GraphQL traffic.

  3. Enhanced capabilities for File Security (Archived files security):
    • CloudGuard AppSec File Security now allows archived file extraction and analysis.
    • For more information about file security enhanced configuration visit our dedicated documentation page.

  4. Various Bug Fixes
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