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IaC for your Check Point IaaS, Terraform scripts and presentation for AWS Transit Gateway

I recently demonstrated the use of the Check Point Blueprint to have a complete working transit gateway environment in AWS set-up in about 30 minutes from scratch.
You will also learn how the Check Point Security gateways get deployed and scaled on demand as the load grows. 
Conducted a live demo of how to setup a complete secured hub and spoke environment in AWS in 30 minutes using Terraform and setting up a complete environment in AWS with CloudGuard IaaS. 

 Webcast on demand at

The complete code and documents have been updated at 

I have updated the code to run under Terraform 0.12.x (not a trivial task) 

If you use this please let me know how you go and if it is useful for you, and feel free to contribute.

If you haven't seen it, there is also an official repository of terraform being developed at


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Nice one!

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The updated scripts are good except the three CloudFormation scripts are all "ACCESS DENIED!"


template_url = ""
template_url = ""
template_url = ""


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