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FW Design for AWS Cloud

Hi Checkmates,

Looking for the best practice design for AWS, found GWLBxCP on this Overview of CloudGuard Network for AWS Centralized Gateway Load Balancer

What is the best option between A Centralized GWLB Security VPC or A GWLB Security VPC for Transit Gateway (TGW), if the existing just has 3 VPCs that communicate with each other and NAT GW?

The goal is to minimize the downtime on the existing design and protect every communication. Or doyou guys have any other suggestion?


Thank you everyone!

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With Solution 1 – A Centralized GWLB Security VPC , you will not be able to inspect traffic between VPCs, only between assets that are in the same VPC or VPC and the Internet.

With Solution 2 - A GWLB Security VPC for Transit Gateway (TGW) , you will also be able to inspect traffic between VPCs.

Watch the videos here and here and you will get some ideas.



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