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CloudGuard for Azure - Enterprise Scale Deployment - Deep Dive (TechTalk)


Hi All,

In this webinar, I will walk you through the entire process of buiding Check Point best practice CloudGuard IaaS in Hub and Spoke architecture, 

  1. Diagram and Webinar Q&A

  2. CloudGuard Auto Scaling for Azure:
    CloudGuard Network for Azure VMSS R80.10 and Higher Administration Guide 
    (This link was edited by Check Point on 19 Dec 2021).

  3. CloudGuard Cluster for Azure:
    CloudGuard Network High Availability for Azure R80.10 and Higher Deployment Guide.

  4. Cloud Management Extension (CME):

    1. Cloud Management Extension R80.10 and Higher Administration Guide and

    2. sk157492 - CME (Cloud Management Extension) for CloudGuard Latest Updates

    (* CME is relevant only for CloudGuard Auto Scaling deployments)

  5. R80.40 CloudGuard Controller Administration Guide


- Shay Levin

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