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Azure Public IP Prefix for Cloud Guard VMSS

Hello, we need  the ability to user Public IP Prefixes in Azure on our Cloud Guard VMSS.

It makes it easier for us to maintain our VMSS Clusters with a dedicated Public IP Prefix. So we can whitelist/allow special IP ranges.

I tried to edit the VMSS ARM Template by myself, but I was not successful so far

Anyone else tried this with any success ?

Can Check Point please implement this feature?


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modify the template by replacing the public IP creation section with public IP prefix, VMSS deployment will use IP from the predefined prefix. such as search "publicIpAddressConfiguration" in the template:

"publicIpAddressConfiguration": "[if(equals(parameters('instanceLevelPublicIP'),'yes'), variables('publicIPProperties'), json('null'))]",


replace it by:

"publicIpAddressConfiguration": {
"name": "pubIP",
"properties": {
"idleTimeoutInMinutes": 15,
"PublicIpPrefix": {
"Id": "your resource ID of the public IP prefix"


I not tested it fully, and the the name of public IP object created in IP prefix have the same name for all VMSS instance,  you need to refine the template , such as the public IP name different for each instance, etc.







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