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Azure CloudGuard R77.30 vs R80.10

Hi All,

we have an on prem R77.30 Management server and are looking to deploy a CloudGuard cluster in Azure.

Now as we know, i either need to upgrade the mgnt server to r80.10 and deploy r80.10 cluster in Azure or leave the Mgnt Server as is, and deploy r77.30 ClouGuard in Azure.

if i remember correctly, R77.30 Mgnt cannot support a multicore firewall in Azure due to licensing restrictions ?  for vsec flexible central licensing, i need r80.10. Due to some limitations, we cannot upgrade the Mgnt to R80.10.

is there a guide to BYOL for Mgnt and CloudGuard  firewalls  licensing in Azure ? 

Also, what are the benefits or drawbacks of deploying R77.30 in Azure as  opposed to R80.10 CloudGuards ?

Thanks in advance.



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I've never heard of a restriction around deploying a multicore R77.30 in Azure.

What you may be getting confused about is deploying a VPN terminating with the Azure VPN endpoint.

There, there is a (potential) limitation which is resolved in R80.10.

There's no benefit to deploying R77.30 gateways in Azure versus deploying R80.10+ ones.

What limitations are keeping you on R77.30 on your Manager?

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Hey Dameon,

Hope you are well. So the limitation for multicore is that,  the R77.30 MGNT Server needs a particular add-on, to be able to apply multiple licenses to a Cloudguard firewall in Azure. for example, no problem if its a single core firewall, but if you want a 4 core firewall, you need to buy 4 licenses and apply them all to the same cloudguard firewall. 

the reason i am looking at r77.30 is because the MDS has many customers on it, and there are some issues with upgrading to r80.10.