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AZURE Cluster-VIP removed on failover

Hi everyone,

  I setup a cluster on AZURE and on failover the API simply removes the VIP associated with the external interface instead of moving it to the other cluster member. The routes are updated correctly though.

The API debug shows only a removal order. Did anyone notice similar behavior?

Gateways are running R80.10 with Jumbo HF Take 112.


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Never mind, I just found the issue. Do not delete the cluster public IP resource in Azure as indicated in sk110194, you can leave it empty without an IP.  

If you delete it, this will break the API calls.


Deployments without a public cluster address

C. Click cluster public IP address resource -> Delete it.

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Constantin Pop do you managed to get support team to clarify this ?

can you elaborate leaving public ip empty ? I only know that we can disassociate public ip from 'cluster-vip'


Hi, no, I didn't raise a SR since I've got it working but I did leave a feedback to the SK. 

Yes, you disassociate the public IP and leave the 'cluster-vip' object in the Azure Resource Group empty, don't delete it.