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Latest version supported Gateway High Availability?

What is the latest version that supports Gateway High Availability?

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I’d have to go back to my earliest days of Check Point to find a version that doesn’t support gateway high availability, at least with physical appliances.
Perhaps the first versions that ran in AWS did not support high availability, but that is because AWS doesn’t support Layer 2 protocols and multicast (used for traditional ClusterXL).
All currently supported versions in Public Cloud providers should support this, though. 

ClusterXL Load Sharing is a different story.
It wasn’t initially supported in R80.20+ but there is a procedure to enable support for it.
ClusterXL Load Sharing with VPN is not supported from R80.20+ except in specific customer releases (to be added in a future maintrain release).

Hope that clarifies things.

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Legend Legend

HA is an old cow - we use Maestro these days 😎

CCSE / CCTE / CCME / CCSM Elite / SMB Specialist

Maestro is great but for some small site or SME I think it's overkill 🙂

Also having hard time training junior engineer on it, especially if they don't  have good understanding of virtual networking.

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Hi, perhaps you are asking for specific use case? Such as with VPN  and HA active/active load sharing or any special setting?


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