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Part 4 - Installing Security Gateway

In this lecture, we will cover deployment and initial configuration of a Security Gateway.



As mentioned in our first lecture, Security Gateway can be deployed in three different options:

  1. Check Point Security Appliance;
  2. Open Server;
  3. A Virtual Machine.

 Note: in the practical part of this lecture, we will be installing our lab Security Gateway as a virtual machine.


Check Point Security Appliance

 With Check Point, there are four categories of Security Gateway Appliances:

  • Small and Medium Business,
  • Enterprise,
  • High End Enterprise and Data Center,
  • Large Data Centers and Telcos, also known as Scalable Platforms (SP).

 Note: SMB and SP appliances use different OS and software and are not part of our discussion.






Similar to what we have noted previously for the case of Smart-1 deployment, Check Point Security Gateway comes preinstalled with at least one version of Check Poi

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