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TechTalk - Deep Dive Webinar - Cloud Native Security - Part One


This recording is part one out of three deep-dive webinars that would walk you through working with the Check Point Native Cloud Security platform (CloudGuard).

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1 Does the product support on-prem Cloud/Private Cloud as well?  Not at the moment but it will be possible in the future
2 Does Dome9 is now FULLY integrated into the Infinity portal without any compromise? Yes
3 Is there any plan to use Terraform in order to install from the CP portal without manual work with CSPs? Yes
4 Are you working on auto boarding / continuous monitoring of AWS and Azure accounts?
I see you guys have this for GCP but we haven't seen for AWS nor Azure
We plan to have one-click onboarding and afterward to have org level onboarding with the discovery 
5 In AWS can you see NACL or only security groups configuration on Clarity? At the moment only Security groups but we plan to add NACL
6 Is it needed a read/write onboarding to create an acc
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