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How to protect PaaS Assets using Checkpoint Solution

Hello All,

I would like know the Checkpoint solution for PaaS assets like Azure web apps, Azure SQL Databases and such. Is it Dome9 in conjunction with Cloudbots the best approach or is there any other option available.


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You can't really put a traditional security gateway in front of PaaS services like that.
This is where, yes, something like Dome9 + Cloudbots will be of value.

Dome9 Natively supports various services (Including PAAS, IAAS) for multiple cloud providers. Our capabilities include on Prevention, Visibility, Compliance and Auto Remediation.

CloudBots is an auto-remediation framework designed for public cloud platforms. It is an open source project powered and curated by Check Point CloudGuard Dome9. It was designed to protect your cloud environment from misconfigurations and breaches using unique Read Only model - minimizing risk and attack surface.

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