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CloudGuard Security Posture Management Supports Terraform

We are pleased to announce that CloudGuard Security Posture Management now supports Terraform. Customers can now take advantage of the Compliance Engine features for Terraform templates across any cloud environment. This allows for multi cloud environments to be simultaneously scanned for misconfigurations, shifting security posture left, and alerting you of potential security errors before deployment into production.


Watch this video for an overview of the solution:


Feature Support (or benefits):

  • Static code analysis allows automated security to shift left into any CICD pipeline. High severity findings would stop the build process until the issue is remediated. 
  • Scan risk assessment on Terraform templates containing various cloud services across various cloud providers.
  • Reduce risk and tighten security using built in Rulesets with compliance checks for Terraform templates. The first iteration of this release comes with an out of the box Ruleset called AWS CIS Foundations for Terraform


All of these new features have no additional cost associated! Take advantage of this cost effective solution for managing security of Terraform templates. Learn more today:


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