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"put-file" api call not supported on GAIA Embedded?

I cannot find a definitive answer in the documentation: is the "put-file" function in the API supported on GAIA Embedded devices (e.g. 1200Rs)?

I'm developing an ansible playbook to set SNMP strings on our gateways using "put-file" and "run-script" API calls on the management server to create a CLISH config file on the gateway, and then execute it. It all works great on full GAIA devices, but I get the following error back from the API when I attempt to run the script against a 1200R:

message: Running a script from SmartConsole is only supported on Gaia R77 and above gateways and clusters

 The 1200R I'm testing against is R77.20.81 - Build 631.




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You cannot use the put-file and run-script against an SMB appliance.
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