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python ExportImportPolicyPackage errors - cluster

ExportImportPolicyPackage latest v5.8.4

Firewall Managers r80.40 take197

I am trying to export/import policy packages  (installed in firewall clusters) between two firewall managers and I get mainly two errors:

1) Objects with hide nat installed in specific clusters: It seems that objects are not imported because the export operation fails to export the cluster object

       Import logs import_error_log.elg

                   Failed to import host with name [object name]. Error: code: generic_err_object_not_found
message: Requested object [partial_export_error_simple-cluster_1b8fe9ac-96a3-4704-88cc-2d02a745f55b_clustername] not found  

      Export log import_error_log.elg                   

                   Object of type simple-cluster with uid 1b8fe9ac-96a3-4704-88cc-2d02a745f55b named clustername is only partially exportable. Its name was changed to partial_export_error_simple-cluster_1b8fe9ac-96a3-4704-88cc-2d02a745f55b_clustername


2) Nats rules: only nats (both manual and automatic) not installed in specific clusters (install on set to All) are imported properly. Nats installed in specific clusters are not imported

           Import logs import_error_log.elg

                    Failed to import nat-rule. Error: code: generic_err_object_not_found
message: Requested object [partial_export_error_simple-cluster_1b8fe9ac-96a3-4704-88cc-2d02a745f55b_clustername] not found

Is there anything I can do to resolve these errors?  As far as understand, clusterXL firewalls are supported since v5.8 so I don't know why I am getting these errors.



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I've talked to R&D owner and he suggested opening a ticket with TAC.

Thank you.

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